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  • Phone+34 644 78 63 76
  • AddressWe speak DE | EN | SP | PL
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Renovieren, sanieren, modernisieren!


Renovieren, sanieren, modernisieren!


Wir setzen um, was als Idee entstand

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Fiebig Bau S.L.

1. property

All beginnings are difficult and so it becomes apparent that many questions arise, especially when buying your first property on Mallorca.

  • Which location suits my needs
  • How do I want to use the property? Is it an investment property?
  • Can my wishes for a new building be legally realised in the desired area?
  • What additional costs will I have to pay?
  • How can I make the best use of my budget?
  • Is the new building worth it or do I have it converted?

For all these questions and much more, we are happy to assist you and help you with competent advice to adapt your individual needs to the circumstances.
individual needs to the circumstances


2nd construction phase – shell construction

Many who have already dealt with the subject of construction in Mallorca know about the numerous cases of unsuccessful construction companies and incalculable costs which those affected have to record.

Through our combination of decades of construction experience in Germany and Mallorca, we ensure a carefree and worry-free concept and implementation of your construction work.

Continuous status reports and optimal construction support by architects and project managers guarantee you a permanent overview of what is happening at all times, even outside of Mallorca.


3. completion

At the end there is always the result and therefore a property which has been designed according to your wishes and can be regarded as an investment. Our focus is to create the best solution for the customer within the framework of the financial means and individual needs. The understanding and realisation of designing a property that will last for decades to come is our idea of German building culture in Mallorca.


4. investment

The economic situation and the advance of a largely prevailing 0% interest rate policy, often leaves little scope to invest one’s money profitably as well as safely.

For all those for whom the purchase of property is out of the question or economically unfeasible, there is still the possibility to profit from the upswing of the real estate industry and the construction industry on Mallorca.

We, as a German construction company, stand for a product as a capital investment which adapts to the finances of our customers and their investment period through an optimised adjustment.

A fixed-interest capital investment is secured by a property-related land charge, with an interest rate of between 5% and 9% per annum. The term ranges from a short-term investment of one year to contracts with a term of 5 years.

In addition, our investors are always informed about attractive real estate offers, which, after conversion or new construction, can achieve realistic short and medium-term returns of 10% – 25% above the former capital expenditure.